Category: "Week 12"

Day 79: Naked Dead Guy!

August 2nd, 2001
Day 79. I decided to go on the demilitarised zone (DMZ) tour today.  To me this is a bizarre concept particularly as the country still seems to be adversely affected by the “American War.”  The first ‘sight’ of the tour was a hill called the Rock pile,… more »

Day 78: Bogy Picking Cockroaches

August 1st, 2001
Day 78. After the stressful events of yesterday I headed for the tranquillity of the Forbidden Purple City, the old royal palace at Hué.  It was extremely quiet, partly caused I guess by the fact that there’s practically nothing to see here.  Of the… more »

Day 80: Temple ‘Water’ Torture

August 3rd, 2001
Day 80. I headed out on a boat trip on the Perfume River to see the temples and burial chambers of the emperors of Vietnam.  Our boat was a typical Vietnamese river boat, ridiculously brightly coloured, extremely unstable with a leaky hull which… more »

Day 81: I Shot Americans! (he said)

August 4th, 2001
Day 81. I travelled a little way down Highway number one to Hoi An but as I had a couple of hours to kill before setting off myself and the Swedish guy from Dinner decided to head into town for breakfast.  We hopped on a cyclo (cycle rickshaw) to the… more »

Day 82: Three Minibuses And A Tube Of Glue

August 5th, 2001
Day 82. As usual the minibus was forty minutes late in picking me up.  I had booked a trip to the ridiculously named My Son, a place which is meant to be to Vietnam what Angkor Wat is to Cambodia so I was expecting something really impressive.  The… more »

Days 83 to 85: And Then Nothing Happened

August 8th, 2001
Day 83. This morning the German girl told me a bizarre story.  Yesterday she’d met up with a couple of like minded vegetarians and had been walking around the old market district.  In a side street they saw a number of dogs tightly crammed into a cage… more »