Category: "Week 11"

Day 72: Gay And Engaged

July 26th, 2001
Day 72. With my arrival in Hanoi my plan of going around the world just visiting countries which drive on the left is on a temporary hold.  The journey here was pretty uneventful, well apart from the American teenager I had the pleasure of sitting next… more »

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh’s Dream

July 26th, 2001
Say Vietnam and it conjures up images of Hollywood movies and mini-series about the Vietnam War.  It’s portrayed as if Vietnam didn’t really exist before 1964.  However, Up until the early 10th century Vietnam was under the rule of successive Chinese… more »

Day 73: Dog Ruff

July 27th, 2001
Day 73. After seeing a couple of temples and pagodas I just strolled slowly around the city until it started to rain quite hard.  On the way back from the pretty Tran Quoc Pagoda on Ho Tay Lake I followed the train track which seemed to run straight… more »

Day 74: Communism Put On Ice

July 28th, 2001
Day 74. Maybe it was the karaoke that caused my restless sleep which in turn led to the reason I woke up at 2am one foot lower than I’d gone to sleep.  My bed had broken.  While trying to fix it I managed to knock a huge piece of plaster off the wall,… more »

Day 75: Evil American Imperialistic Puppets

July 29th, 2001
Day 75. The plan today had been to leave for a trip to the beautiful Halong Bay with its karst island formations with thousands of vegetation covered limestone peaks projecting out of the turquoise blue waters.  Sadly the rains in the north have been… more »

Days 76 to 77: Hijacked At Hué

July 31st, 2001
Day 76. I spent most of the day relaxing at Hoan Kiem Lake and getting prepared for what I knew was going to be a long and painful overnight journey to Hué, the Vietnamese capital in the nineteenth and half of the twentieth centuries.  While there, some… more »