Categories: "Uruguay" or "Week 27 Part 2"

Uruguay: Didn’t They Win The World Cup Once?

November 18th, 2001
Again I know little about Uruguay other than a brief description in my guidebook, I think they won the world cup once or maybe even twice but I think they won the first one!  Anyway it could be fun and if not it’s another tick on the number of countries… more »

Days 187 to 188: The Lonely Travel Agent

November 19th, 2001
Day 187, (continued). For some reason half of the boat was closed even though there was a full complement of passengers meaning that there was nowhere to sit which was a little annoying.  We sailed past Colonia, a place I would have liked to see but… more »

Days 189 to 190: They Invented Turn Left Signs You Know

November 21st, 2001
Day 189. I went to the tourist office today in a vain attempt to try to find a guide to this city as I was sure there must be more to see and do.  All of the ladies in the office seemed really happy to speak to an English guy as they said that they… more »