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Days 95 to 98: Double Up For Safety

August 21st, 2001
Day 95, (continued). Suddenly there was tarmac, clean streets, Seven Eleven shops selling cheap sweets and more importantly after spending four weeks in countries which drive on the right I was now back in the civilised nations.  I quickly headed off on… more »

Day 99: The Man With The Golden Gun

August 22nd, 2001
Day 99. Today’s been the last day of double figures on my little jaunt around the world so to celebrate I went on the ‘Bond tour’ or more accurately, the ‘Man with the golden gun’ tour.  Predictably after a few bright and sunny days, today it rained… more »

Days 100 to 101: Cock In A Cave

August 24th, 2001
Day 100. As the sun was out I thought I’d take advantage of it and took a trip by boat to the beach resorts of Railey and Ao Phranang.  Both of these resorts are not on an island but can only be reached by boat as rocky escarpments cut off the… more »

Day 102: Fifteen Pence To Leave

August 25th, 2001
Day 102. I set off from the guest house early in the morning, well 10:30 is early for me, leaving the two giggling owner’s daughters behind thank god.  In Krabi a Kiwi got on the minibus, god he spoke slowly, I felt slightly embarrassed as I kept… more »