Category: "Week 10 Part 2"

Thailand (part 1): Temples, Transvestites And Tuk-Tuks

July 20th, 2001
When people mention Thailand it puts many different thoughts into my mind from the temple city of Bangkok to the sleazy sex trade, go-go girls and transvestites.  I don’t really know what to expect of this place, I’ve seen the TV drama ‘Bangkok Hilton’… more »

Day 66: Attention All Buddhas!

July 20th, 2001
Day 66. During the flight the guy next to me was clearly agitated, standing up all of the time and trying to reach across my legs to see out of the window.  I asked him if he was OK to which he replied in broken Hong Kong English that he simply wanted… more »

Days 67 to 68: Old Men And Their Toys

July 22nd, 2001
Day 67. After the rushing about of the past few days I decided to take it easy and just relax.  But this is actually quite hard to do as Bangkok is a mad, hot, humid, noisy, busy place with everything turned up to loud just because it can.  I ended up… more »

Day 69: Madness, Madness….

July 23rd, 2001
Day 69. Today was the day that I’d really been looking forward to.  I set off early to get a coach to Kanchanaburi.  The coach was quicker than the three hours I’d expected but I think that this was due to the driver refusing to use his brakes and… more »

Days 70 to 71: Something’s A Foot!

July 25th, 2001
Day 70. I thought I’d do the tourist thing and visit the Grand Palace.  The palace grounds contain an unusual collection of buildings from ornate Thai Wats to palaces with a slight western influence all surrounded by a menagerie of colourful, glittering… more »