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Singapore: The Land of Rules (A Fine Country)

September 3rd, 2001
As with most of the countries in this part of the world I don’t know that much about this place at all.  I know the Singapore sling was invented here but that’s about it.  Singapore has an eventful past from its modern reinvention and foundation by the… more »

Day 111: Guesthouse! What Guesthouse?

September 3rd, 2001
Day 111, (continued). It took ages to get through Singapore immigration but this did at least give me time to read the list of immigration rules which were possibly the most bizarre I’ve seen so far.  No chewing gum allowed to be imported, $10,000sng… more »

Day 112: Asian Girls Don’t Wear G-Strings!

September 4th, 2001
Day 112. After looking at the extortionate price of Singapore Slings in the Raffles Hotel I decided to do the Singapore thing and visit the main shopping area on Orchard Street, a road which just seemed to be lined with massive shopping centres.… more »

Day 113: Two Men And A Toilet.

September 5th, 2001
Day 113. I got woken up at about 3:30am by two new girls in the room walking around in nothing but their knickers, I was still quite drunk laying here in the Indian curry smelling dorm but I just remember thinking, “cool, so this is what backpacking is… more »

Days 114 to 115: Alcohol Free Beer Goggles.

September 7th, 2001
Day 114. As I’ve now run out of things to do in this city I spent the day looking for a cheap digital camera.  I thought I’d managed to barter a bloke down quite well and was going to buy one but then he tried to screw me, in the non physical sense!  I… more »