Category: "Week 29 Part 1"

Day 197: In Hot Water

November 28th, 2001
Day 197. I woke up at 6am to make sure I got to the train station on time.  I decided to take the train to Aguas Calientes because with my time constraints sadly I can’t afford to do the four or two day hike to the Lost City.  I want to spend the extra… more »

Days 198 to 199: Lost And Found

November 30th, 2001
Day 198. I was going to get up early to climb Machu Picchu but after mulling the idea over and giving it serious consideration I figured I seriously couldn’t be bothered.  Eventually I headed to the bus stop to buy a ticket which would get me to the… more »

Day 200: Jesus Ate My Pet Guinea Pig!

December 1st, 2001
Day 200. Yet another new month but this time it will be may last.  Momentous day for another reason too, this is also my two hundredth day of travelling.  To celebrate this the locals seemed to be setting off loads of fireworks, well it was either that… more »

Day 201: My Pusi Will Be Waiting For You

December 2nd, 2001
Day 201. Had to get up really early for today’s trip, a boat trip on Lake Titicaca which at 2.4 miles above sea level is the world’s highest navigable lake (by big boats of course, otherwise it’s not!).  I was worried about not being able to get up in… more »

Day 202: For A Good Night’s Sleep, ‘Choke The Chicken!’

December 3rd, 2001
Day 202. Got woken up by the fookin’ ‘orrible chickens again at 4:30am and couldn’t sleep much after that as they just kept clucking and crowing.  When I mentioned it to John last night he suggested that to get a good night’s sleep I should consider… more »