Category: "Week 28 Part 2"

Peru: Deepest Darkest Peru

November 25th, 2001
The history bit!  In 1532 Spanish conquistadors defeated the Inca Emperor Atahualpa and from this time Peru became a bit of a royalist stronghold.  Nearly three hundred years later in 1821 it gained its independence with thanks to the same guy who… more »

Day 194: A Two Dollar Tip For A Two Day Trip

November 25th, 2001
Day 194, (continued). Originally I planned to go to Arequipa as this was the route all the guidebooks said I had to go if I wanted to get a connection to Cuzco.  As I gained two hours crossing over the border I knew that I had a slim chance of making… more »

Days 195 to 196: Buy This, It’s A Rip Off!

November 27th, 2001
Day 195. I woke up quite early partly as the extreme cornering of the coach had meant that my head was being bashed against the window on one side and a massive collection of Tupperware on the seat on the other.  I think there was someone still sat… more »