Category: "Week 30 Part 2"

Paraguay: In A Right Police State

December 9th, 2001
I don’t know much about this place, I’m only passing this way as it’s en-route to Foz do Iguacu, a huge waterfall on the Paraguay, Brazil and Argentinean border.  As with most countries in South America it has a bit of an unstable past.  In 1524 Alejo… more »

Day 208: Arrested In Asuncion

December 9th, 2001
Day 208. Unfortunately when we eventually reached the army camp which denoted the entry into Paraguay we couldn’t get our passports stamped as it was far too late due to our detour and debauched drinking and drugs session.  They let us through anyway… more »

Days 209 to 210: Picnic In A Pickup

December 11th, 2001
Day 209. Hotel Hispania has clearly seen better days, but you can see that in its prime it must have been an amazing place.  The glamorous young lady on reception clearly thought the place was still prestigious but I guess a lot of things have happened… more »