Category: "Week 26"

Day 176: Which Part Of The Word No Don’t You Understand

November 7th, 2001
Day 176. We left Thomas the Tank Engine and friends with the owner clearly in a better frame of mind than last night, maybe he was ok after all, he’s not a night person and was freaked out by Morticia and Wednesday Addams.  Today would have been the… more »

Day 177: Fat Bloke In A Hole

November 8th, 2001
Day 177. Got up at 10am and quickly went to one tree hill which was the epitome of my journey so far.  This extinct volcano site was once a Maori settlement and when the British arrived a tree stood at the top.  Later, a settler unlawfully chopped the… more »

Day 178: A Shit Shot At Golf

November 9th, 2001
Day 178. As I couldn’t go kayaking I decided to make the long journey all the way up to the Bay of Islands.  I tried to kill myself on route by trying to drive like a local, I must slow down for corners in that uniquely British way of driving safely.  I… more »

Day 179: Dolphin Toucher

November 10th, 2001
Day 179. I’d been told that the Waitangi Memorial Treaty House was an amazing and a spectacular place.  Well, I could only guess that these were spaced out backpackers who clearly hadn’t travelled anywhere other than dull seaside resorts because this… more »

Days 180 to 182: One Flash And It Was Over

November 10th, 2001
Day 180. I left Paihia but sadly not before Ray had felt the need to tell me all about his exploits from last night.  It turned out that his ex was not convinced of his injuries so to prove to me that he was telling the truth he started to strip which… more »

Day 183: The Longest Day

November 14th, 2001
Day 183. I vegged in the hostel until midday when I made my way slowly to the airport.  The plane took off at 17:15pm for what is to be the longest day of my life.  Argentina is sixteen hours behind New Zealand and so my day will be forty hours long. … more »