Category: "Week 25"

Day 169: Red Knickers & Suspenders

October 31st, 2001
Day 169. After quite a relaxing and free night in the car, why didn’t I think of that earlier, I set off to Blenheim to take a picture of the famous cannon which at one point had caused an awful lot of trouble, it was said to be payment for some land… more »

Days 170 to 171: Did The Earth Move For You Too?

November 2nd, 2001
Day 170. Yet another month, the seventh I think.  Not bad as my original plan was less than three!  Waking up in hostels is unusual, where else can you be where you often wake up with the sight of someone’s underpant clad groin staring you in the face… more »

Day 172: Dr Wheldon I Presume

November 3rd, 2001
Day 172. The weather has been unbelievably miserable today, heavy rain, high winds, so much so that the windscreen wipers were useless for quite a part of the journey.  I set off towards Rotorua via the pacific road but wanted to see Lake Waikaremoana… more »

Day 173: Supermarket Shoplifting

November 4th, 2001
Day 173. Picked up Carl from his B&B at 9am which was far too early for me.  Interestingly the owners were originally from Rotherham in the UK, my hometown’s nearest neighbour.  They hadn’t lost their accents at all which was great to hear.  I… more »

Day 174: The Mad Affliction Of Pumice Addiction

November 5th, 2001
Day 174. After confusing Carl again with my South Yorkshire talk with the B&B owners we set off to Lake Taupo at another ridiculously early time.  In Taupo we found a youth hostel with a table tennis table so we had to have a game.  There were two… more »

Day 175: Waitomo I’ve Got Cold Feet

November 6th, 2001
Day 175. We set off to the Huka falls which are rather deceptively not falls at all but a series of rapids, they’re pretty but don’t think I’ll go again.  Then it was on to the bizarrely named ‘craters of the moon’.  It’s another big field with lots of… more »