Category: "Week 24"

Day 163: Jumping Without A Parachute

October 25th, 2001
Day 163. After last night’s dream I decided that there was nothing to live for so I booked a go on the Nevis Bungy, one hundred and thirty four metres of hell!  I was a little apprehensive about doing it but I knew that as soon as I paid the money then… more »

Day 164: Lord Of The Sand Flies

October 26th, 2001
Day 164. I spent what seemed ages this morning looking for birthday presents, everything seems to be ‘All Black’ souvenirs but you can get those back in the UK.  I managed to find something and post them off with some postcards but not before being… more »

Days 165 to 166: Return Of The Sand Flies

October 28th, 2001
Day 165. Today was to be a ridiculously busy day, so much to see, so little time!  I set off early at 9am, and went straight to the Fox Glacier, Quite impressive to see it arching its way down the mountainside still changing the landscape by its gorging… more »

Day 167: The Backscattering Backpacker

October 29th, 2001
Day 167. It is a little known fact that one of the most famous and most influential people in the Physics community was actually born and bred in NZ and even more of an unknown was that he was born in Brightwater.  Although his house no longer stands, a… more »

Day 168: Back In The Steel City

October 30th, 2001
Day 168. I drove to the sea front at the pink Fyffe House to see the seal colony there, it was amazing how close I could get to them without them trying to kill me.  They really smell, a bit like a dodgy old fat bloke sat next to you on a late night bus… more »