Category: "Week 23"

Day 155: Hole In My Shoe

October 17th, 2001
Day 155. I planned on getting up really early but eventually managed to wake at about 10:30am, I blame the after-effects of the drug pumped into the roof of my mouth.  Considering the headache I had I reckon he pushed the needle straight thought bone… more »

Day 156: Pictures Of Home

October 18th, 2001
Day 156. I decided to leave today as I thought Mt Cook particularly unlucky but as sod’s again law dictates, the day I decide to leave is by far the best.  The sky was clear, the air warm, yesterday the temperature was just above freezing but today was… more »

Day 157: The Anal Backpacker

October 19th, 2001
Day 157. I went for a little walk around Dunedin before moving on, I have to keep moving fast as I need to get back to Christchurch in a few days for the dentists so I will only really be spending one night in most places now.  While walking around I… more »

Day 158: Knobs Flat But Milford’s Sound

October 20th, 2001
Day 158. Had a little walk around Te Anau reading up on the local history.  The town is named after a cave famous through Maori folklore called ‘Te Ana-au’ which means ‘The cave of swirling water’.  It’s a really beautiful setting next to the lake, the… more »

Day 159: One Vowel Away From Self-Abuse

October 21st, 2001
Day 159. As I had no chances of kayaking in Te Anau I set off early to Arrowtown, an old gold mining town just north of Queenstown the Mecca for adrenaline heads.  I drove through Queenstown not taking much notice as I plan to return after my next trip… more »

Day 160: The Wright Brothers Were Wrong

October 22nd, 2001
Day 160. Wanted to go kayaking on the lake again today but as with Te Anau and Milford, they wouldn’t let me go on my own.  The only other option was to get the Wanaka Wanker to come along but I was afraid that in the middle of the lake he’d try to… more »

Days 161 to 162: Tooth Or Dare

October 24th, 2001
  Day 161. Before making my last change to my travel plans today was meant to be the day that I would be flying to Buenos Aires, but instead I was going to the dentists.  I don’t know which was better!  While I was waiting at reception I noticed that… more »