Category: "Week 9 Part 1"

Nepal: Assassin In The Mountain Kingdom

July 10th, 2001
Say Nepal and people think of the Himalayas and Everest.  Ever since the borders of Nepal opened in 1951 people have flocked to see this, the world’s only Hindu kingdom, for trekking and the glory of Everest.  However, not a lot of people know that… more »

Days 56 to 57: Buddha And The Bullet

July 11th, 2001
Day 56 (continued). ....... Unlike the Indian border control the Nepalese one was actually in a building, so it was nice to get my passport stamped without feeling like the main attraction in a petting zoo.  However, one of my first experiences of Nepal… more »

Day 58: Armchair Sightseeing

July 12th, 2001
Day 58. Woke up with the joys of a new country awaiting me, wide awake and ready to go.  I ran down stairs geared up to go out and get a much needed breakfast, my first in three days, and ran towards the door.  I couldn’t find it, the door had… more »

Day 59: An Arse Bigger Than Everest

July 13th, 2001
Day 59. It’s Friday the 13th, surely nothing else could possibly go wrong?  The strike and disturbances were now over and everything’s calm, I’d lost just one day in Kathmandu but I had a couple of days left to see as much as I could.  As I had neither… more »

Day 60: Border Control

July 14th, 2001
Day 60. I left early for the airport for the second time in two days but was really sad to be leaving Nepal as I’ve seen very little of the county and most of that was from the window of a brightly coloured bus and a very small plane.  I’ll have to go… more »