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Malaysia: Mr Lover Man, Sabar!

August 25th, 2001
Malaysia, land of Protons, the cheap car everyone loves to hate and quite rightly.  Other than knowing this my preconceptions of Malaysia are based purely on an old office mate.  He was the head of an Islamic Society at one of my old universities and… more »

Day 102: A Fate Worse Than Death!

August 25th, 2001
Day 102 (continued). At the Malay side of the border I filled in the immigration form which was a little scary and confusing as the final statement on the ‘how to fill in the form’ sheet read “the minimum sentence for drug trafficking is death,” I… more »

Day 103: The English Puff!

August 26th, 2001
Day 103. I went for a short walk to Fort Cornwallis, a nice little area where the British originally settled when they arrived on these hot and humid shores.  I’ve definitely had my fill of sightseeing though, I’m finding it all very monotonous, almost… more »

Day 104: Early In The Muezzin!

August 27th, 2001
Day 104. I woke up to someone screaming at me this morning, after wondering what the hell was going on I eventually figured out that it was an Muezzin giving a call to prayer.  Clearly for me this was a wrong number and I think this would also be the… more »

Days 105 to 106: Losing Your Head.

August 29th, 2001
Day 105. Waited for forty five minutes outside my guesthouse panicking while wondering where my coach had gone.  Eventually it came to take me to Kuala Lumpur a place where I wondered whether the Chinese blokes and kids would be even fatter than they… more »

Days 107 to 108: Independence Day.

August 31st, 2001
Day 107. After booking my onward bus to Melaka for Saturday I got the light rail to the Petronas Towers.  The towers were quite impressive but for some reason the towers don’t seem that tall considering they are the tallest in the world.  I guess… more »

Days 109 to 111: Malacca Man Of Malaysia.

September 3rd, 2001
Day 109. I got the bus to Melaka at 9am and hoped that I was on the right bus as it said Malacca on the front; they seem to spell lots of words in lots of different ways but I guess this is just to confuse foreign backpackers.  I boarded my nice aircon… more »