Category: "Week 8"

Days 50 to 51: Large Peg Small Hole

July 5th, 2001
Day 50. I got a cycle rickshaw to the main train station.  I’m starting to really like travelling around on these things as you’re quite high up but sadly and I’m rather ashamed to say that there’s also a sense of superiority that you are paying someone… more »

Day 52: Twenty Four Seven

July 6th, 2001
Day 52. Today’s been a bit like waiting for exam results at school although I hadn’t had to revise for this test!  But at school it was the difference between going to University if I passed or going on the dole if I failed, here it means the difference… more »

Day 53: Innocence Taken, Vulnerable Die

July 7th, 2001
Day 53. When I woke up to my amazement people visiting the patient across from me were still there and in the same position they were last night.  They couldn’t have been staring at me all night, surely!  I thought I’d be polite and wished them a good… more »

Day 54: Bollywood And A Bottle

July 8th, 2001
Day 54. I am now ready to leave India, I’m bored of temples, bored of arguing with rickshaw drivers, bored of turning my head away from people begging.  I did a final bit of sightseeing but my heart wasn’t really in it.  The Indian Memorial, Government… more »

Days 55 to 56: Next Stop Nepal…….Or Maybe The Next One …..Or The Next….

July 9th, 2001
Day 55. I’d arranged to meet at the travel agents at 12:30pm but just to make sure I arrived at 12:15pm.  When I got there the first thing the guy said to me was, “why are you late?”  I thought that he was joking so I just said that I was early but then… more »