Category: "Week 7"

Days 43 to 44: Yes I’m Going To Lucknow!

June 28th, 2001
Day 43. After walking through the maze of alleyways I somehow happened upon the main road outside the old town and flagged down an old fella on a cycle rickshaw.  I always feel quite guilty about using these as I’m quite large as is my bag but there was… more »

Day 45: The Mutiny History Lesson

June 29th, 2001
Day 45. The newspaper boy came around at 6:25am today, I bet they all wait in reception trying to figure out ways to piss off the westerner, it’s working.  Fully refreshed with my spicy breakfast and feeling fine I set off into the centre of Lucknow… more »

Day 46: I’ve Got A Ticket To Ride But They Don’t Care!

June 30th, 2001
Day 46. Due to the 24 hour check in system I didn’t have to leave my room until about 8pm which was convenient as my train was also leaving quite late.  I headed out to the train ticket office to check the situation with my ticket.  The first time I… more »

Day 47: A kid A Kite And 20,000 Volts

July 1st, 2001
Day 47. I had very little sleep on the cramped bench as the old toothless fella kept nicking my space which surprised me somewhat as he was so skinny.  I arrived at Agra Fort station at 6am but had to wait for two hours until the ticket office opened.… more »

Day 48: The Toll Of The Taj

July 2nd, 2001
Day 48. As day broke I felt fully refreshed and relatively well considering the last couple of weeks.  I walked to the Taj via a few souvenir stalls where children kept hassling me to buy small marble figures.  Their main selling point was that the… more »

Day 49: You Say Yes, I Say No, No, No!

July 3rd, 2001
Day 49. I arranged to meet the rickshaw driver who bought me to the hotel a couple of days ago, he was going to take me around the other not so famous mausoleums and buildings in Agra.  These buildings would actually happily stand alone as major… more »