Category: "Week 6"

Day 36: Calcutta Confidence Trickster

June 20th, 2001
Day 36. As planned I met up with Tammi outside the Indian Museum and we got the bus to the botanical gardens to see the world’s second biggest banyan tree which is a mere 200 years old.  For me this was really dull but it seemed to turn him on as he… more »

Days 37 to 38: The Healing Powers Of Horlicks

June 22nd, 2001
Day 37. Over breakfast I met Shaun, an Aussie bloke, I told him about yesterdays exploits which surprised him and so over pancakes we hatched a plan.  We sat and made a small poster from a piece of A4 to stick on the notice board outside the Indian… more »

Days 39 to 40: The Revenge Of Manmad

June 24th, 2001
Day 39. I Left the hotel just before midday and slowly walked to the ferry port near Eden Gardens where a Burmese pagoda stands looking strangely out of place in the shadows of the Calcutta cricket ground.  From here I got the rickety little passenger… more »

Day 41: The Hypocritical Oath

June 25th, 2001
Day 41. I woke at 7am feeling really quite rough but by midday I felt good enough to have some more soup before eventually building up the stamina to go out at 4pm.  The trouble was that by now what had been a nice bright sunny day was now cloudy and it… more »

Day 42: Burning Ghats And Cow Pats

June 26th, 2001
Day 42. After spending practically two whole days in bed I decided that it was about time to head out to see a bit of the town so I loaded up with sugar, salt and Imodium and stretched my legs.  I did notice at the breakfast table that all of the… more »