Category: "Week 5"

Day 29: Wednesday ‘Mourning’

June 13th, 2001
Day 29. Today is the day I started my longest train journey so far, supposedly 24 hours of sheer hell was waiting for me.  I had little sleep during the night due to the torrential rain storms which batted the window so wearily I headed out to the train… more »

Days 30 to 32: Temple Torture

June 16th, 2001
Day 30. I arrived in Bhubaneswar at 6am, pretty much the only place worth visiting on the east coast according to my guidebook.  I managed to get a reasonable guesthouse which provided a TV in the room so as I was tired from the very long journey and… more »

Day 33: Taxidermy For Toddlers

June 17th, 2001
Day 33. I woke at 7am not because I wanted to but because I had to.  The hotels in India seem to have a bizarre 24 hour check-in rule which means if you check in at 8am you have to check out by 8am on the day you want to leave.  So I had ten hours to… more »

Day 34: What Black Hole?

June 18th, 2001
Day 34. A bloke woke me up on the train using the never fail scare-the-crap-out of-you by grabbing-your-legs technique….. again!  Although the train left Bhubaneswar over an hour late we arrived in Calcutta an hour early.  Indian railways really do have… more »

Day 35: Indian Logic

June 19th, 2001
Day 35. I woke in my smelly damp room actually looking forward to walking around and sightseeing.  But before I did I headed to the British Consulate to check up on the current situation in Nepal as I have a flight leaving from Kathmandu to Hong Kong… more »