Category: "Week 2"

Day 8: Rickshaw Cowboy

May 23rd, 2001
Day 8. ......Suddenly my legs were grabbed by someone shouting “Aurangabad, Aurangabad.”  It was 4:30am and I had reached my destination which was a relief as at first I thought someone was trying to steal my shoes while I was still wearing them. … more »

Day 9: He Marched Them All To The Top Of The Hill

May 24th, 2001
Day 9. A new dawn broke with the chorus of car horns, but today it was with less dread than before as I had people to talk to and travel with.  Today was the reason for visiting Aurangabad, I was to visit the nearby “world famous” (as the guidebook… more »

Days 10 to 11: The Rain Man

May 26th, 2001
Day 10. Back in the hostel I had a new roommate who was quite an odd fellow, old’ish, weedy stature with the world’s most annoying habits.  It appeared that he would have to do everything at least four times otherwise he was not happy.  He had a blue… more »

Day 12: The Manmad Madman

May 27th, 2001
Day 12. I was sat in an empty railway carriage on a wooden slatted seat that had seen far better days.  I was quite glad of the peace, however, it was at this moment just as the train slowly pulled away that I met the madman from Manmad.  Sitting down… more »

Day 13: A City on a Train

May 28th, 2001
Day 13. Never get a hotel room outside a train station in India!  I hardly managed a minute of sleep as trains constantly blew their horns and the bright lights of the station shone through the window.  But I guess this ensured I didn’t miss my… more »