Category: "Week 9 Part 2"

Hong Kong: Divided In Unity

July 14th, 2001
I don’t know that much about Hong Kong but I do know about the Opium Wars through which Britain ‘obtained’ control of Hong Kong.  The wars started because the British used the opium trade to offset the cost of importing tea from China on which Britain… more »

Days 60 to 61: Back In India!

July 15th, 2001
Day 60. I arrived in Hong Kong feeling extremely ill, again!  I’ve got no way of telling whether it’s the parasite causing this or all the drugs I’m taking in combination with the flight.  At the airport I met a tout who was trying to get people into… more »

Days 62 to 63: Just Another Big City?

July 17th, 2001
Day 62. I jumped on an early 20th century passenger ferry, the old Star Ferry Line to Hong Kong Island.  The sailors dress immaculately in royal blue sailors outfits which wouldn’t look out of place on a toddler from a posh family, all very 1920’s.  I… more »