Category: "Week 28 Part 1"

Chile: The Pinochet Problem

November 21st, 2001
Chile has an odd history full of paradoxes and none more so than that of Bernardo O’Higgins the first Supreme Director after Independence in 1817.  This guy helped defeat the Spanish but as can be seen by his name was not typically Spanish.  He was born… more »

Days 190 to 191: The Price Of Freedom? Two Dollars!

November 22nd, 2001
Day 190, (continued). I was sat next to a nice America girl on the plane, she was a bit weird though as she told me she spoke fluent Spanish but when I asked for the Spanish for certain foods she didn’t know, not even an orange.  On the journey towards… more »

Day 192: Pissing Out The Window

November 23rd, 2001
Day 192. A really thick American guy burst into the dorm at 4:30am screaming “Fucking stealing Chileans” plus various other words he used to describe Chileans and all none too flattering.  He also punched as many objects as possible which was quite… more »

Day 193: Travelling With Jack The Ripper

November 24th, 2001
Day 193. I woke up nice and early to prepare myself for my impending long journey.  I’m a bit apprehensive as I’m going to arrive in Arica on a Sunday and am worried about how hard it will be to get onward transport, people seem to be more than a little… more »

Day 194: Do You Want Steak With Your Cornflakes?

November 25th, 2001
Day 194. Interesting, I have to admit that I’ve never been woken up to the sound of Carry Grant singing Jingle Bells before, it was a bizarre wakeup call and at first I thought this may have been the reason as to why my ears were hurting so much. … more »