Category: "Week 14 Part 1"

Day 92: Let Them Have Toys!

August 15th, 2001
Day 92. When I woke up with the alarm this morning I thought I’d just have another couple of minutes.  After slouching back down I thought that I’d better check my watch again just in case, arrrgggg, it was 6:30am.  Somewhere between the alarm going off… more »

Day 93: Which Witch Doctor?

August 16th, 2001
Day 93. Against all commonsense and the laws of nature, Vanessa and I got up at 4:30am to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat.  As expected and rather predictably the sun did rise, it would have been a shock otherwise, but as could have been determined by… more »

Day 94: The Christian Buddhist

August 17th, 2001
Day 94. As appears to be usual in Asia, we started the day arguing about the cost of the taxi even though we settled the price two days ago.  We wanted to see a temple a little way out which he said would cost a lot more money, eventually we settled on… more »

Day 95: Two Iron Bars Don’t Make A Bridge

August 18th, 2001
Day 95. Another one of those early start days, really starting to hate them. Today was a long overland journey between Siem Reap and Bangkok via the border at Poipet, little did I know how much hassle this would be during the early monsoon season.… more »