Category: "Week 31 Part 1"

Brazil: Football And Ronnie Biggs

December 11th, 2001
Everyone knows that Brazil is famous for its national Football team and Ronnie Biggs although the latter had actually left Brazil and flown back to the UK just as I started out on my world trip.  I also know that Brazil is the only new world colony to… more »

Day 210: Stuck In No Man’s land

December 11th, 2001
Day 210, (continued). There were hundreds of people lining the bridge pushing carts and carrying bags fully laden with goods, a really weird sight.  At the Brazilian border the queue was immense and to make it worse there was a massive group of children… more »

Days 211 to 212: The Luck Of The Irish

December 13th, 2001
Day 211. The bleedin Israeli bloke in the room woke me up at 7am slamming about.  Ignorant bugger, but I still have hopes that one day I will meet a nice quiet and respectful Israeli backpacker.  After breakfast and spending about an hour trying to find… more »

Day 213: The Hand Of God!

December 14th, 2001
Day 213. I must have fallen asleep for a bit as when I woke we were in a well lit bus station and the German guy was getting off.  He looked quite shocked as a can of coke in his carry-on luggage had somehow opened and leaked everywhere and the large… more »

Day 214: It’s The ‘The Best Brazilian Crotch’ Show!

December 15th, 2001
Day 214. Had a nice late lazy day today and eventually headed out to the tram station near the cathedral to go up the hillside to Santa Teresa.  I was advised not to take anything as “everything would get stolen.”  However, I did take my camera but made… more »

Days 215 to 216: Been Around The World And Iye, Iye, Iye…… I Can’t Find My Baby!

December 17th, 2001
Day 215. I planned on going up the big Jesus hill today or whatever they call it but the clouds were hanging low over the mountain top and the figure was hidden in the clouds for most of the day.  So instead I headed out on a bus to the famous beaches… more »