Category: "Week 30 Part 1"

Day 205: It’s Been A Riot But I Want To Go!

December 6th, 2001
Day 205. I woke up with a start as the boy sat next to me was trying to relieve me of my wrist watch.  Luckily I’m not only a light sleeper but also have a number of straps on my wrist which confused him.  The look of fear on his face as he saw my… more »

Days 205 to 207: It Makes You Feel Good

December 8th, 2001
Day 206. I awoke with the rather depressing thought that I had to spend the rest of today wandering around a boring town while I waited for a bus which wasn’t necessarily going to be there.  Pants!  Looked on my map of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and saw an… more »