Category: "Week 29 Part 2"

Bolivia: .... And Other Eating Disorders!

December 3rd, 2001
I have absolutely no preconceptions about Bolivia mainly because I know nothing about it other than that it was named after a guy who helped liberate it from the Spanish and that it has the highest capital city in the world, although La Paz shares its… more »

Day 202: A Fascist Culture

December 3rd, 2001
Day 202., (continued). I had to walk around the decaying buildings and wait for about an hour while our bus came through.  Then although there was a shiny new smooth road from the border, we had to follow the old dusty, bumpy, cobble stoned one,… more »

Days 203 to 204: The Boy Had Rhythm

December 5th, 2001
Day 203. I woke up quite late to hear the faint noise of music playing from a pair of headphones accompanied by a rhythmic knocking sound.  I looked over my shoulder to see what it was...... great I’m sharing a room with a masturbating Danish bloke. … more »