Category: "Week 20"

Days 134 to 135: Surfers Paradise, Landlubbers Hell

September 27th, 2001
Day 134. The best thing about being on the bottom bunk is being able to vomit in the bin which you can place on the floor next to you.  The best thing about being on the top bunk is that no one is above you trying to vomit into a bin on the floor from… more »

Days 136 to 138: The Far East.

September 30th, 2001
Day 136. Just after I got up I had another really interesting chat with the weird German girl.  While we were talking about photography she got an extremely nice camera out to show me but then proceeded to say in a typical German factual tone, “I’m only… more »

Days 139 to 140: Ghost Town.

October 2nd, 2001
Day 139. Had the now obligatory once every four hour stops on the overnight journey to Sydney but the best one had to be in the early morning outside a giant shrimp shaped restaurant.  At least I hoped it was a shrimp shaped restaurant as if it wasn’t I… more »