Category: "Week 18"

Day 120: Speechless.

September 12th, 2001
Day 120. I’d just about nodded off when the door opened and Paul the British guy I’d been in the bar with stormed in drunk and said loudly in an aspirated tone “You’re not going to believe what’s happening.”  He went on to talk about New York and the… more »

Day 121: Tell It Like It Is!

September 13th, 2001
Day 121. Today deserves a special entry as I got my results from the medical centre.  I am all clear and no longer have Giardia, however I was given de-worming tables just in case there was something else lurking about.  It turns out that my almost… more »

Day 122: A Town Called Alice.

September 14th, 2001
Day 122. Surprisingly although I’m in the heart of the red centre, I’m feeling cold for the first time in over four months, I can’t believe it.  The temperature is hovering at about 25 degrees and I need to wear a fleece jacket, weird, but I suppose it… more »

Day 123: Big Red Rock.

September 15th, 2001
Day 123. Woke up at 5:30am to start my three day ‘adventure tour’ of the red centre but annoyingly we set off one hour late due to a couple of Israeli backpackers.  They were not happy with the people on our bus as it was full of couples and they wanted… more »

Day 124: Walking On Sacred Ground.

September 16th, 2001
Day 124. Had a very early start at 4:30am so we could see the sun rise over Ayers Rock but before we got there I had a big decision to make, whether I should climb the rock or not.  People use the argument that, “Would you let people climb your sacred… more »

Day 125: An Aussie Bloke And A Bag Of Rubbish.

September 17th, 2001
Day 125. We had relatively late start today at 5:30am, I still don’t see why we had to get up at this time though.  Gump was in a bit of a bad mood but we just thought it was because he didn’t get a shag last night but things started to go slightly awry… more »

Days 126 to 127: To Your Right, An Old Man’s Willy!

September 19th, 2001
Day 126. I got up early still slightly pissed off with last night’s effort, that Kylie song will possibly haunt me for the rest of my life.  To recover I had a traditional Aussie breakfast although disappointingly this wasn’t cornflakes soaked in beer,… more »