Category: "Week 17 Part 2"

Australia: Where Men Are Men And Women Are Sheilas

September 8th, 2001
Well, what can be said about Australia?  The land of the Flying Doctors, Prisoner Cell Block H, Sons & Daughters, Home & Away and Neighbours, some of the world’s best soaps!  Not only that but it also has a unique ecosystem with unique wildlife,… more »

Day 116: Wipe Your Shoes Or You’re Not Coming In!

September 8th, 2001
Day 116. After only a short four hour flight we landed in Darwin at 4:30am.  It seem funny to arrive in Australia without any real jetlag, although having said that, the method of visiting lots of countries on the way just to avoid jetlag is a little… more »

Day 117: Aussie Handbags & Gladrags.

September 9th, 2001
Day 117. I woke up feeling none too well, I really want to go out for a couple of days into Kakadu National Park but my stomach doesn’t feel up to it.  I thought I’d better arrange a trip to the doctors as I’ve been feeling bad for the last couple of… more »

Day 118 to 119: Large Peg Large Hole!

September 11th, 2001
Day 118. Nightmare, I can’t get a doctor’s appointment until 8am tomorrow morning which is bad on two counts, firstly Kakadu is now definitely out of the question and secondly, eight in the morning, what kind of a time is that!  In the hostel I put my… more »