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Australia: Where Men Are Men And Women Are Sheilas

September 8th, 2001
Well, what can be said about Australia?  The land of the Flying Doctors, Prisoner Cell Block H, Sons & Daughters, Home & Away and Neighbours, some of the world’s best soaps!  Not only that but it also has a unique ecosystem with unique wildlife,… more »

Day 116: Wipe Your Shoes Or You’re Not Coming In!

September 8th, 2001
Day 116. After only a short four hour flight we landed in Darwin at 4:30am.  It seem funny to arrive in Australia without any real jetlag, although having said that, the method of visiting lots of countries on the way just to avoid jetlag is a little… more »

Day 117: Aussie Handbags & Gladrags.

September 9th, 2001
Day 117. I woke up feeling none too well, I really want to go out for a couple of days into Kakadu National Park but my stomach doesn’t feel up to it.  I thought I’d better arrange a trip to the doctors as I’ve been feeling bad for the last couple of… more »

Day 118 to 119: Large Peg Large Hole!

September 11th, 2001
Day 118. Nightmare, I can’t get a doctor’s appointment until 8am tomorrow morning which is bad on two counts, firstly Kakadu is now definitely out of the question and secondly, eight in the morning, what kind of a time is that!  In the hostel I put my… more »

Day 120: Speechless.

September 12th, 2001
Day 120. I’d just about nodded off when the door opened and Paul the British guy I’d been in the bar with stormed in drunk and said loudly in an aspirated tone “You’re not going to believe what’s happening.”  He went on to talk about New York and the… more »

Day 121: Tell It Like It Is!

September 13th, 2001
Day 121. Today deserves a special entry as I got my results from the medical centre.  I am all clear and no longer have Giardia, however I was given de-worming tables just in case there was something else lurking about.  It turns out that my almost… more »

Day 122: A Town Called Alice.

September 14th, 2001
Day 122. Surprisingly although I’m in the heart of the red centre, I’m feeling cold for the first time in over four months, I can’t believe it.  The temperature is hovering at about 25 degrees and I need to wear a fleece jacket, weird, but I suppose it… more »