Category: "Week 27 Part 1"

Argentina: Don’t Cry For Me

November 14th, 2001
Got to be honest, I’m a little apprehensive about visiting South America.  Apart from not actually knowing a word of Spanish or Portuguese, if you read any guidebook on South America, particularly the safety warning section of the Brazil Lonely Plant,… more »

Day 183: The Longest Day Continued...

November 14th, 2001
Day 183, (continued). I arrived in Buenos Aires at 14:30, almost three hours before I set off from Auckland which is all a bit weird really.  Within thirty minutes of arriving I got accused of being German by the bureau de change lady although she… more »

Day 184: The Nut Roaster Song

November 15th, 2001
Day 184. I woke up still completely knackered but eventually after having a bit of a chat with a white Zimbabwean couple, who told me about the troubles they had left behind, I ventured out onto the streets of Buenos Aires.  Just as I was walking down… more »

Day 185: Time Travel

November 16th, 2001
Day 185. I spent the first part of today examining my South America guidebook to see what I want to visit on this continent and how I can go about it in the month I have left until Christmas.  For the main part of my trip I want to visit Peru and… more »

Day 186: The Mysteriously Shrinking Nightgown

November 17th, 2001
Day 186. I walked to La Boca with the three Aussie blokes this morning.  I liked two things about these guys, firstly they kept saying that I was wise and experienced on how to deal with backpacking around the world (not true but made me sound like an… more »

Day 187: The Well Oiled Pickpocket

November 18th, 2001
Day 187. After a night of very little sleep Alex woke up and said “Oh you look tired, couldn’t you get any sleep last night.”  Mmmm, thanks for that, git!  I decided not to tell her that it was her fault for waving her naked body in front of me all… more »